Writing for businesses with a story to tell

Tell your company story with top-quality sales and marketing communications. Refine product and service descriptions, website information, company newsletters, and executive blogs. Promote your products and services with informative and entertaining articles featured in industry trade magazines.

Commercial voice-over and narration

Voice-over services include commercial and corporate narration, scripting and narrating website or YouTube-targeted product and service “corporate explainer” videos, audiobook narration and production,  corporate and editorial photography, and executive interviews for company websites, podcasts, and Internet and radio ads.

  • Corporate, product, and service branding
  • Product and service datasheets and brochures
  • Website information, newsletters, and press releases
  • Trade magazine articles and executive blogs
  • Email or postal direct-mail marketing
  • Point-of-sale promotions and flyers
  • Sales bids, tenders, and proposals
  • Sales “battle sheet” creation
  • Ebooks and E-zine articles
  • Vendor and employee communications
  • Executive bios and company profiles
  • Website reviews and critiques
  • Marketing and sales consultation
  • Audiobook narration and production
  • Explainer video scripting and voice-over narration
  • Radio spot and internet ads creation
  • Editorial and corporate photography